Universal Remote Setup: it doesn’t have to be difficult

Sick of too many remotes on the coffee table?  Or how about having to leave detailed instructions for the baby sitter?  One of the most popular services that we offer here at Install Heroes is Premium Universal Remote Control Setup.  Specifically we recommend and support Logitech Harmony remotes ONLY.

You may already have some experience with universal remote controls and I wouldn’t be surprised if your experience wasn’t good.  Typically universal remote setup involves reading through a user manual looking for a code for each device you want to control with your new remote.  An hour later, and after much frustration, you probably found that even after punching in all available codes, there is one device that just isn’t being controlled the way it should… How annoying.

Install Heroes recommends Logitech Harmony remotes because of their user friendly installation, low price point, modern sleek design, unrivaled functionality and ease of use.

User friendly installation

Setup for Logitech Harmony remotes is done by either of two different methods.  The first method is Myharmony.com.  This method offers a simpler setup which requires no software to be downloaded or installed.  The downside of this method is that you have fewer options for control of how the remote is programmed.  I suggest this method for standard users.

The second method requires you to download and install the Harmony remote software from Logitech.com.  The download itself is fairly small and should download quickly.  This software gives you the greatest control over how the remote is programmed, and is fairly straight-forward and user friendly.

Low price point

Logitech has offered their line of Harmony remotes at a very affordable price.  The Harmony 650 we recommend below has a MSRP of $79.99 and is often available on sale for between $39.99 – $54.99.  There are other models of Harmony remotes at even lower price-points offering less functionality but maintaining the same great selling points.

Modern sleek design

No remote on the market is as sexy or well designed as a Harmony remote from Logitech.  Other manufacturers seem to have a “design be damned”  approach to their remotes.  The sad part is that their sacrifice is wasted because they often fall short on the functionality as well.

Ease of use & unrivaled functionality

With the press of a single button labeled “Watch TV” your harmony remote will turn on the television, cable/satellite box and surround sound receiver.  It will then ensure each device is set to the correct input/source.  Now you’re watching TV after picking up a single remote, and pressing a single button.  One button or “One-Click” functionality means you never turn any device on; You simply select the activity you want, and Harmony knows which devices need to be turned on, and which inputs/sources they need to be tuned to.  The simplicity of it all means you won’t have to leave detailed instructions for the babysitter anymore, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

So now what?

If you’re the DIY type then you’re probably wondering which remote you need, and where you can buy one.  Below you’ll find links to Amazon.com as well as some general information about the two most popular models of Harmony remotes.  If you’re not the DIY type, and you live in the greater East Tennessee area, please feel free to give us a call for a consultation or to set an appointment.  Remember;  Call and we’ll come to the rescue!

Logitech Harmony models we recommend:

  • Harmony 650 – Controls up to 5 devices; like all Harmony Remotes it offers “One-Click” functionality
  • Harmony 900 – Controls up to 15 devices; “One-Click” functionality; Rechargeable; Full-color touch screen; RF (Radio Frequency) for control of devices which are hidden behind walls or cabinet doors.

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