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Computer Repair is a broad term.  Some people instantly think of viruses and malware, others think of broken laptop screens and hard drives.  Computer repair is such a broad term because computer repair companies specialize in troubleshooting and servicing a wide variety of hardware and software related problems with personal computers.  I’ve recently found that if I am more specific about what I mean when I say “computer repair” it tends to trigger more thought in the minds of those I’m speaking to.

At Install Heroes, we’ve been solving problems with customer computers since our days as Firedog techs for Circuit City.  As you can imagine, we’ve seen a bit of everything and this blog post would be far too long and boring to read if I didn’t take a shortcut.  So rather than going on and on about all the different customers we’ve helped here’s a short list of problems we regularly solve:

  • virus removal
  • optimization (tune-up)
  • hardware diagnostic
  • hard drive replacement
  • memory (RAM) upgrades
  • laptop screen replacement
  • laptop keyboard replacement
  • tablet troubleshooting
  • software installation
  • printer setup
  • wireless router setup
  • operating system installation
  • email configuration
  • WiFi coverage/speed issues in your home/office
  • data backup
  • and more…

So if you’re having a problem with your laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone and you want to work with a company that has impeccable feedback give us a call.  We’re licensed, insured and certified and we warranty our work on computers for 90 days.  It’s always our goal to offer the best service at the lowest fair price and to leave every customer 100% satisfied.

For a full list of our rates check out this page.

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Install Heroes, call and we’ll come to the rescue!

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