Upgrading Windows: The Cheap Way

Well, we’ve reached the end… It’s been a good run while it lasted, but it’s time to say your final farewells to Windows XP.  Windows XP was released a mere 13 months after its predecessor Windows ME, which was widely considered one of the worst operating systems of all time.  In contrast, Windows XP is still considered one of the best, or at least most favorite, operating systems of all time with a longevity stretching almost 13 years.  Microsoft typically only supports its products for 10 years, so XP’s EOL (End of Life) has already been pushed back due to customer demand.

You may be unaware that Microsoft has scheduled Windows XP’s EOL for April 8th 2014.

Windows XP End of Life Countdown
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Never fear, Install Heroes are here to help!  We’ve found a really nifty and relatively cheap method for upgrading to Windows 7.

Just as with any Microsoft operating system, there are many “flavors” of Windows 7.  Most users find themselves in the “Home Premium” category of Windows Vista, 7 and 8.  For the method we’re going to discuss today, we’re going to assume that Windows 7 Home Premium is your destination.

We must start somewhere and Windows 7 Starter is a lite version intended for computers such as netbooks which are somewhat lacking on system resources.  Windows 7 Starter may be a good fit for your older XP computer since many of those machines will have CPU and RAM capacities similar to what Starter is meant to run on.

Windows-7-Starter-to-Home-PremiumRight now you can purchase Windows 7 Starter on Amazon for $40 including shipping.  Now, if Windows 7 Starter is a “good enough” final destination for you, then you’re set.  But we’re not done yet, we really want Windows 7 Home Premium… So the next thing you want to buy is a Windows 7  Anytime Upgrade (Starter to Home Premium).

Normally this software is $80 but for a limited time, Amazon has it for less than $40 including shipping.  What this means is that you have just bought a fully licensed copy of Windows 7 Home premium for $80 or less, where this software is typically over $100.

For those of you who require a Windows XP environment to run certain programs, Windows 7 Professional may be the solution.  Since Windows 7 Pro has a Virtual Machine capability you can run your legacy programs in a XP window.

For more details about Windows 7 Pro, Starter or Upgrade give us a call.  We can certainly assist with this or any of your other PC needs.  Remember; Call and we’ll come to the rescue!

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