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TV Wall Mount Installation

TV wall mount installation

TV Wall Mount Installation

One of the things that TV wall mount installation has taught me is that there are three basic types of people.  There are of course many subsets of these groups, but the three main types of people are: the “DIYers”, the “Can’t Do’s” and the “Could Do’s”.  The DIYers don’t need our help and they don’t want our help, unless they try to do it themselves and mess something up.  The Can’t Do’s really do need our help, either because they don’t have the knowledge or the experience to do it themselves.  Lastly the Could Do’s; who could do the job themselves but either don’t have time to do it themselves, or would simply rather pay someone to do it for them. No matter if you’re going to pay to have someone install the TV for you, or if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

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Think you can wall mount your own TV…

Happy New Year

If it were only this simple…[parallax id=”322″]But alas it is not.  If it were I would be out of business.  There are many factors to consider when mounting a TV on your wall.  If you choose to have a professional mount your television you should expect them to do a survey or inspection before committing to do the job.  Most reputable installers will insist on doing this so they can fully understand what it is you want to accomplish, and so they can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs.  They should take measurements, scan for studs, ask questions about the construction of the home and ask for detailed information about how you’d like to see the finished product.

If you choose to forego my wisdom and attempt to mount the TV yourself then you’ll need a bit of guidance.

Mounting bracket types:

  • Fixed – Just what it says, the fixed mount allows no vertical or horizontal adjustments, however this style of mounting bracket often has the lowest profile (how far it hangs off the wall).
  • Tilt – Much the same as a fixed bracket, but offers vertical tilt for a comfortable viewing angle.
  • Arm – Usually the most expensive but also offering the greatest functionality, an arm style mount (or cantilever) will allow you to pull the TV away from the wall, tilt vertically, and pan horizontally.  This style of mount is great in large rooms where the viewing angle may need to be flexible.

Knowing what comes with your TV/bracket and how to utilize this hardware is paramount.  Pictured here is a Masonry Anchor.  Most TV brackets come with 2-4 of these.  THROW THEM AWAY unless your target wall is brick or block construction.  If you use these to mount your TV to a sheetrock/drywall wall your TV will soon lay broken on the floor, as well as anything it falls on.

Two studs are better than one.  Some brackets or installation locations don’t allow for mounting to more than one wall stud.  This type of installation should be left to the professionals, as it is always recommended to mount to more than one stud.  If there is no other option for your installation than a single stud, a professional will have tools and hardware available to ensure the integrity of such an installation.
Measure twice, then measure again to be sure.  Nobody likes a crooked TV on the wall, and neither will you when your spouse explains how you just had to hang that TV yourself.  Take good measurements to assure proper height and alignment, and use a quality level to ensure the TV hangs straight.
Yes, you must put holes in the wall in order to hang your TV.  It never ceases to amaze me that some people think I can hang their TV on the wall without making any “new holes”.  Typically these holes can be easily patched with spackle  if/when you should ever decide to take the TV off the wall.
 You get what you pay for.  If the mounting bracket you purchased seems a little cheap, it probably is.  A good quality bracket, which clearly states the size and weight of TV it supports, and has a guarantee/warranty is ALWAYS the best one to buy.

People often comment that having the TV installed costs more than the TV itself.  This is mostly true since television manufacturing costs are coming down, mounting hardware is staying roughly the same and labor isn’t getting any cheaper.  People forget to consider that you’re not just paying to have the TV mounted on the wall, you’re also paying for it to stay there.
Install Heroes is a licensed, insured, and certified installation company servicing the Greater East Tennessee area.  We have flat rates for nearly all of our installation services, and obviously we offer TV mounting service.  If you decide that you’d rather leave this type of job to the professionals; call and we’ll come to the rescue!  Happy New Year!