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Cyber Monday: online deals (Followup to Black Friday post)

As promised we are delivering the info you need to get some great deals on Cyber Monday.

Some retailers are following the same game plan they did on Black Friday by jumping the gun on Cyber Monday.  Toys R Us for instance is starting their Cyber Monday sales on Sunday night. is still offering their “Lightning Deals” and will continue throughout the week

So where’s the deals?

Games & Toys

Checkout Toys R Us for up to 75% off on a huge selection of video games!

USB Missile Launcher w/ Webcam
$29.99 (13% savings)

TVs has a great 40″ Sceptre LCD HDTV.  I trust Sceptre products based on my experience with my 8 year old LCD monitor that works like the day it was delivered to the house.  And they warranty their products for 1 year on parts and labor, unlike some companies.
$269.98 (33% Savings)

Computer Peripherals

Great deal on a new Wireless Router.
$19.99 (75% off)

Connect any computer to a HDTV with this IOGEAR USB 2.0 to HDMI External Video Card.
$15.99 (75% savings, Instant + Rebate)

Home Theater

Outstanding deal on an Onkyo home theater in a box.  Surround sound receiver with 5 speakers and a powered subwoofer.
$399.99 ($400 savings!!!)

Polk 10″ Powered Subwoofer
ONLY $79.99 ($170.00 savings!!!)

Energy 5 Speaker package was $149.99 on Black Friday
$129.99 ($170 savings!!!)


Here’s a good deal on a 32GB SD Memory card.
$17.99 (25% off)


Another good deal is this Hamilton Beach counter top convection oven with rotisserie capability.  I’ve had one similar to this for years and my wife and I truly love it.  You can bake without heating up the whole house, and leftovers and frozen foods turn out far better than in a microwave.  Heck, we don’t even own a microwave anymore because of this oven.  It really is that great, and so is this price…
$55 ($34 savings)


We normally don’t cover much of anything for your car, but this is such a great deal that I couldn’t pass it up.  An Autel MaxiScan® Canbus OBDII Check Engine Auto Scanner Trouble Code Reader.  That’s a mouthful, but basically with this device you can read the trouble codes coming from your car/truck when the check engine light is on without paying a mechanic those expensive diagnostic fees.
Only $17.49!!! (75% savings)


Links to Cyber Monday Deals